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The National Lottery awarded us funding to purchase our building in 1998 and no work has been carried out on the building since then. We now find ourselves in need of urgent funding to help us upgrade the building to ensure it is a comfortable and safe place for us to welcome our clients.

Although we receive funding to support our client services this only covers our direct work with clients and does not support the day to day running of our offices.

The most pressing items are listed below - maybe you or somebody you know could fund an item or make a donation? All donations are gratefully received as they all add up and help us to upgrade and replace worn out items. Please be assured a donation of any amount makes a difference.

Here are some things that we currently need funding to implement:

  • An update of our IT and telephone systems
  • Redecoration inside and outside of the building
  • New LED light fittings throughout the building
  • Outdoor LED light fittings to provide security and safety for staff and clients
  • Office upgrade - new chairs
  • The kitchen in the basement of our building needs some urgent attention
    • A refit of cupboards and sink
    • A new fridge
    • A table and chairs

You can donate by pressing the Donate button on the top right hand side of our website pages, or, if you have other ideas about how you or somebody else can help us to fund raise please contact our Office Manager Elaine Jackson on 01582 457474 who will be happy to help.