Caraline employees and service users are governed by legislation to process personal data, sensitive personal data and corporate data legally and ethically. The main United Kingdom legislations are:

Human Rights Act 1998 Data Protection Act 1998 Common Law Duty of Confidentiality Freedom of Information Act 2000

In accordance with our Equal Opportunities Policy, Caraline is committed to ensuring equality of opportunities and treatment for employees and service users of the service, irrespective of their ethnicity, cultural and religious groups, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or age. It is expected that employees and service users treat each other with respect and understanding, ensuring a confidential, safe and non-judgemental environment within Caraline at all times.

The service user’s confidence is always respected up until times where by the counsellor believes it is in the best interest of the service user to break confidentiality.

The service user will always be informed of the need to break confidentiality and an explanation will be given by their counsellor.

All new service users will be given a confidentiality statement on their first assessment session, with their counsellor making sure the service user is clear about the boundaries around confidential information. Both the service user and Counsellor will sign the confidentiality agreement, a copy will be placed into the service users file and a copy will be given to the service user.

Service User’s confidence will always be broken if;

  1. It is apparent that the service user is in urgent need of medical attention.

  2. The service user has expressed the desire to attempt to take his/her own life.

  3. The service user becomes a danger to his/her self and others.

  4. In all cases of abuse, including sexual, physical, psychological and neglect of a child and or a vulnerable adult. (Safe Guarding Policy).

  5. Files are subpoenaed by a court of law.

Staff, Service User and Volunteer Responsibilities

  1. All staff will ensure client notes are locked away in a secure cabinet at the end

    of a working day.

  2. All staff will lock the main office door when leaving the building or for periods of time when there is no other member of staff in the main office.

  3. The main office is strictly access to staff only to protect the confidential information and ensure the main telephone helpline is confidential. Service users should not enter the office, but should knock and wait at the door for a member of staff.

  4. Any breach of confidentiality from staff will be investigated and appropriate disciplinary procedures taken.

  5. Any breach of confidentiality from service users to other service users or employees will be reported to the Service Manager. This will be investigated and appropriate action taken at the discretion of the Service Manager. Caraline has a duty of care to our service users, therefore, any breach will be treated very seriously and may result in a service user/users being refused access to our services.

Claire Jackson

Clinical Manager

(Jan 2017)

Caraline Confidentiality Policy

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