Caraline Aboutus Illustration 2

The Afresh programme is a 20 session Cognitive Behavioural Intervention designed to target the psychological factors known to contribute to emotional and problematic overeating, as well as targeting the educational and activity needs of individuals also. Forty hours of therapy are delivered over 20 sessions, and the programme is split into four modules. 

  1. Motivation (3 sessions)
  2. Education (5 sessions)
  3. Psychology (9 sessions)
  4. Activity for body and mind (2 sessions)

Additional session - Relapse Prevention (1 session)

Each session is 2 hours long and is delivered with a combination of facilitator and participant contribution. Participants are required to complete a workbook between sessions as a means of embedding content covered and applying the concepts to themselves. Work completed is both behavioural and cognitive in nature.