Caraline Grouptherapy Illustration 7

Clients wishing to access the services we offer can either self-refer or be referred through their GP.

Patients on the Community Eating Disorder Service waiting list should not also refer to Caraline

We see clients from 17 years old - please note there is no upper age limit for people wishing to access our services.

If you or somebody you know can answer yes to any of the following points, you may benefit from contacting Caraline to discuss how we can help.

Dramatic weight loss in a relatively short period of time

• Wearing big or baggy clothes or dressing in layers to hide body shape

• Preoccupied with calories and fat content of foods.

• Obsession with continuous exercise.

• Noticeable food restriction and self-starvation.

• Bingeing and/or purging.

• Isolation, fear of eating with others.

• Food rituals such as shifting the food around on the plate to make it look eaten

• Dizziness and headaches

• Frequent sore throats and/or swollen glands

• Low self-esteem, need for acceptance and approval of others

• Feeling cold

• Loss of menstrual cycle or delay in commencement of menstruation

• Constipation or incontinence

• Mood swings, depression, fatigue

• Insomnia - poor sleeping habits

Please note services provided to clients in the Luton and Bedfordshire area are only available to clients aged 17+ years.