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Peer Support Worker

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PSW is a initiative inspired by the NHS. Peer support happens when people who have similar experiences of something difficult come together to support each other.

What is Peer Support?

Caraline provides you with an opportunity to talk about your experiences of mental health difficulties associated with your eating disorder.

The purpose of the peer support worker is to support others in similar situations, providing a safe space either in group or in person to discuss. This can help the service user to feel less alone.

The peer support worker, while different from other forms of service, can support you in meaningful ways. This could include a peer support group led by the peer support worker providing a space for people to give and receive support from each other. Peers are encouraged to share what they feel comfortable with.

We currently facilitate this space by offering the following:

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Peer Support Group

Monthly we run an online Peer Support Group for our service users.